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"This book is a quick read and very easy to understand. It appeals to my sense that the things I dream about are very personal to me. In many dream dictionaries that have been popular, the meanings that they give for elements of dreams don't ring true to me. Using this method I have gotten very meaningful interpretations of my dreams, and answers to questions I have in my life.
I recommend this book highly."

– ChiGirl

"If you are remembering any part of your dreams then this is a perfect place to help you figure out the meaning of your dreams. This such a great way to understand what events or items mean in your dreams. I dream a lot and many times I have not been able to figure out what my dream meant. The normal dream books with the list of interpretations many times was not relating to what I thought was happening in my dream ..."

– Berta Bower

"The Hawaiian Kahuna Dream Interpretation method was presented in a way that makes it easy for anyone to interpret their own dreams. I was especially impressed with the suggestion to apply the process to different areas of life using only a small remembered portion of the SAME dream ... "

– dahlde

"I really loved this book. I found it can be very useful when one is totally lost and does not know how to start working with a dream and even more useful when we do not have those "dream dictionaries" we tend to rely on... It is an empowering way to deal with our own dreams!"

– Manuela Sherman

"Dreaming is a natural universal experience. If youre interested in being successful, solving a problem, or finding your true lifes path its time to listen to your higher self and listen to the messages coming from your dreams. All the information you need to know is given to you. You just need to know how to interpret it. This book gives you the tools you need to do that."

– Book Worm

Dr. Siebert Is Writing More Books

Larry has 2 books currently at They are both available as an ebook and as a physical book. Early in 2015 he will have his self-hypnosis book available.



If you would like to learn how to do dream interpretation without a dream dictionary, then this book is for you ...

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Gut Instinct

Are you ready to get your life back by finally reducing or eliminating your IBS symptoms, then this book is for you ...

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Coming Soon

Want to start learning self-hypnosis to improve your life? If you are ready to change, then this book is for you ....

Coming In 2019