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General Information About Anxiety

There are many causes of anxiety. While the source that triggered the anxiety varies, there are usually common physical effects.  Maybe there’s a lot of stress at work, or you worry about completing the job or losing your job.  When you continuously worry (which leads to chronic anxiety), your body senses the anxiety and the physical effects become more pronounced until eventually you will experience a panic attack.  For example, something happens and your heart begins to beat rapidly, and then you start worrying about getting a heart attack.  This worrying causes fear, and that fear leads to other anxiety attack symptoms, symptoms, such as dizziness, insomnia, irritation and upset stomach. Anxiety and panic attacks, can seriously damage your self-confidence, especially at your job and in social activities. 


Hypnosis can help treat anxiety disorders in more than one way

Hypnosis an directly decrease anxiety and panic by inducing a state of relaxation. Many people have both depression and anxiety. The hypnotherapist can also use the hypnotic state to help the patient focus more clearly on issues that might be causing the anxiety.

From where you stand now, freedom from anxiety attack symptoms may seem hard to believe, and we can help you as thousands have been helped with hypnotherapy for anxiety. 

Hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic attacks is an extremely powerful tool. Anxiety and panic are actually a learned process. We use advanced hypnotherapy techniques with anxiety to change your underlying thoughts and beliefs that support the anxiety. Basically, you will be learning a new mental program so that when some situation occurs that used to cause the anxiety or panic attack, the new mental program activates and you remain calm, cool, and collected. Once the underlying thoughts and beliefs have been collapsed the anxiety symptoms will be changed on a long term basis.