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Your Life Between Lives Session

Dr. Newton spent 30 years developing a special hypnosis technique that accessed the veiled memories of over 7000 clients and created a technique that retrieves what happens to us between lives.

The unique hypnotic regression method needed for a Life Between Lives session requires a deep trance state. People who are already familiar with hypnosis (or meditation) tend to enter into the trance state more rapidly and with greater depth than those without a previous experience of an altered state of consciousness.

For this reason, before attempting a LBL session, you should experience at least one session of hypnosis, preferably Past Life Regression, before attemping a LBL session. Your Life Between Lives session works best if it is facilitated by the same hypnotherapist who guided you through your Past Life Regression session

Your session typically lasts more than 3 hours. This is partially due to the time it takes in achieving the level of trance necessary to successfully reach your soul memories. The extensive amount of time gives ample opportunity in collecting important background information before inducing a trance state. Time in this state will seem to pass quickly because time is distorted when you are retrieving these memories.