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How Much Does Smoking Really Cost You?

Most people don’t think about it when they are spending $5.50 buying one pack of cigarettes.  Take a look below for some eye-opening stats on how much money is spent on smoking, then decide if you're ready to stop smoking with hypnosis now.

Per Day
Annual Cost
of Smoking
3 $6022
2 $4015
1 $2007

Cost Of Smoking Over Your Lifetime

Want to watch your retirement go up in smoke?

If you smoked 2 packs per day over 40 years, you would have spent $160,680!

That's more money than most people will accumulate for their retirement.

How much more are you going to spent before you finally stop smoking?

2 Packs
Per Day
Yearly Cost
of Smoking
1 $4,017
5 $20,085
10 $40,170
15 $60,245
20 $80,340
40 $160,680