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Karma - It's NOT What You Think

Karma in NOT about payback, punishment or vengeance - it's about learning. Think about karma as simply lessons that we are learning in this classroom that we call Earth. Karma, then, is contained in the beliefs, habits, patterns, and memories that we carry from one lifetime to another. If negative patterns or situations continue to repeat in your life, it not to cause you pain, it’s to teach you that by making different choices you will notice different results.

Our current life is greatly influenced by previous lifetimes. We reincarnate into various physical bodies (of both sexes) to experience unique realities. Throughout our many lifetimes, we have been all ethnic types, races, and religions. We gradually become spiritually wiser through each lifetime as we learn more. Greater levels of awareness, forgiveness, joy, love, and responsibility are the lessons that help us grow.

Every event and situation that is in your life is not a coincidence. If fact, you assisted in the design of this life.