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What Does Quantum Physics Say About Observation?

Let’s look at some scientific principles so that we can more fully understand what happens during a past life regression. 

In the field of Quantum Physics, scientists have shown that what you observe affects reality. So then, what do you think happens when you observe your current memories and your previous past memories?  Each time you “look” at a memory you are changing it forever.  How does this happen?  When you “look” at any memory, you are seeing it through todays’ attitudes, beliefs, life experiences, and perceptions.  So you will tend to interpret the memory differently that when you first experienced it.

Science says that observing your past life memories changes that part of you that experienced that past life.  Visualize for a moment that you have an unlimited number of possible life experiences based upon every decision that you have made, both consciously and unconsciously.  Therefore, each decision that you have made, including those decisions during your past lives, has led you to where you are today. 

What would happen if you went back and altered some of your decisions, or viewed them knowing what you know today?  You will typically learn something new about the experience.  Learning or experiencing something new not only changes the memory, it also changes us.  This new knowledge and perception expands the awareness you have of yourself.  So just the mere “viewing” of a past life memory will change who you are in your current life.