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Can Past Life Regression Heal Your Current Relationships?

Are you experiencing conflict in your relationship(s)? Ever wondered why? Do situations seem to keep playing out in your life? Are the same scenarios being repeated over and over again with the same results? Are you destined to repeat your old behaviors?

Well, Welcome to past life contracts.

We typically keep relationships across a number of successive lives, and have “past life contracts” with these individuals.  Sometimes these unconscious contracts affect our present happiness within a relationship.

Past life contracts consist of emotional understandings that endure across many lifetimes.  This relationship could be one of a business partnership, deep friendships, parent-child, or sibling relationships, although the most common contract is a romantic relationship.

Standard counseling and therapy can help couples and families resolve their interpersonal issues, however; if existing therapy has had little or no effect on solving the complications, then past life contract work can be used to resolve and heal the conflicts by addressing the previous agreements.

Agreements, contracts, or promises can be made with others or even with ourselves. At the time they were made they probably made complete sense, but when brought into another lifetime they can cause problems. Going back to a time when the original contract was made gives you the chance to understand why it was made and modify or cancelled it if it no longer applies.