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It's All About Memories, Imagination, and Trust

A common question when familiarizing someone with past life regression is, "Will I just be making it up?"

A common comment after the process is, "Was that really real?"

Accepting What You Experience Is The Key

Past life memories come to us in a way that is different from our normal method of communication.  Memories are stored in our unconscious mind, which uses emotions, feeling, metaphors and symbols to describe experiences.  Since unconscious memories are filtered through, and described by, our conscious mind it’s natural that our conscious mind questions the information.

Experiencing an event is very different from simply remembering what happened. Making up a memory is typically lacking any feelings. Your job during the process is to accept and trust the emotions, feelings, images, impressions and memories as they come during the regression process.

Don't Expect To Only See Images

Many people expect to see vivid visual images during a past life regression. If you get visual images they may be vague, yet you will know what is happening and can describe it in detail.

Past life memories can come through any of the senses. Some people will experience body memories. They may feel their past life experiences through sensations in their body. Other people will have a sense of the events that are going on during the past life regression process. This is typically the case for those people who are not very visual. Sometimes your responses during a past life regression session seem to come out of nowhere.

When I experience past life memories, I usually get a flash of a couple of images followed by a knowing of what is happening. As I pick up a few scenes here and there, I just let my unconscious mind fill in what is happening. In my case, it’s a matter of describing what I just saw (or experienced) in as much detail as possible.  After that, my unconscious mind usually sends me another couple of images or feeling, and the process continues with the help of the gently probing questions provided by the past life regression practitioner. Sometimes the feelings and information are overwhelming and it takes time to process them.